Membership to the Council Alliance for a Sustainable Built Environment is open to all local councils in Victoria.

CASBE members have a position on the CASBE Steering Committee and are invited to attend committee meetings which are held three times a year at the MAV offices in Melbourne.

Meetings and working groups

CASBE Network meetings

Open to all Victorian councils, CASBE network meetings are held every two months at the Municipal Association of Victoria’s offices. These forums provide an opportunity for councils to share experiences while contributing to CASBE programs and initiatives. Short presentations from key industry stakeholders are included at each meeting.

CASBE increases the ESD knowledge base through training and cross government collaboration. Our projects help establish criteria for research and data collection.

Photo: TH King Pavilion in Glen Iris. Photography: Courtesy of the City of Stonnington.


Working groups

There are currently three working groups which meet in addition to and outside of these meetings to focus on specific tasks or topics.

  • ESD Local Planning Policy Group – for councils pursuing a local ESD Policy
  • Referrals Working Group – for council ESD Officers
  • BESS Governance Board

We also communicate through the CASBE Yammer page, a private forum for council officers to share ideas and collaborate. Please contact the CASBE Executive Officer if you wish to be part of CASBE Yammer group.

Interested in joining CASBE?

Take a look at the CASBE Prospectus (PDF – 2.8MB)

CASBE member councils include:


To become a member of CASBE

Councils sign the CASBE Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Municipal Association of Victoria, effective for a three-year period. New councils sign on to the remainder of that three-year period. The current MoU period expires 30 June 2020.

Please contact the CASBE Executive Officer for more details on how to become a CASBE member by emailing


Please note, a council must be a CASBE member to subscribe to the BESS tool. A separate fee is applicable for a BESS subscription. BESS subscription enables industry use of BESS in your municipality.