CABSE membership is open to all Victorian councils.

CASBE Steering Committee

CASBE is driven by our member councils. Each member council holds a position on the CASBE Steering Committee, which meets three times a year.

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The Steering Committee is the decision making forum for the alliance, guiding the development and implementation of the strategic plan and CASBE’s key projects. CASBE is a highly collaborative, grass roots association committed to facilitating strong local government partnerships and the delivery of practical and effective projects.

To become a member of CASBE

To become a member of CASBE, councils sign the CASBE Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), effective for a three-year period. New councils sign on to the remainder of that three-year period. The current MoU period expires 30 June 2026.


Please note, a council must be a CASBE member to subscribe to the BESS tool. A separate fee is applicable for a BESS subscription. BESS subscription enables industry use of BESS in your municipality.

CASBE Prospectus

Download the CASBE Prospectus here.

CASBE membership provides:

+ Access to CASBE programs
+ Access to the Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS)
+ Knowledge growth
+ Access to research
+ Recognition
+ Priority access

CASBE membership enables:

+ Local government leadership
+ Consistency
+ Strong advocacy
+ Operational sustainability
+ A collective advisory role
+ Council collaboration
+ Stakeholder engagement
+ Victorian council programs
+ A consistent climate emergency response

CASBE Network meetings

Not ready to join CASBE yet? You are still welcome to join our Network meetings.

CASBE Network meetings are held every two months and are open to staff from all Victorian councils.

These forums provide an opportunity for councils to share experiences, learn about CASBE and contribute to CASBE programs and initiatives.

Please contact to join our Network list.

Interested in joining CASBE?

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CASBE member councils include: