The Sustainable Subdivisions Framework is supported by a number of resources, including materials and a training package specifically developed to enable its successful implementation. The Framework resources have been designed to evolve over time as we incorporate the learnings from the trial.

Sustainable Subdivisions Framework

The complete Sustainable Subdivisions Framework can be found here.

Framework Architecture

This document provides an overview of the key elements of the framework.

Determining your subdivision category

View the process chart to determine your subdivision category.

Checklists for subdivisions

The checklists specify information requirements for applicants.

Sample Plans

These sample plans visually communicate information requirements for submission to council.

Sustainable Subdivision Management Plan (SSMP) ‘Lite’ Template

This template will guide applicant  responses to sustainability categories and criteria for medium scale developments (16 Р59 lots).

Glossary of Terms

Our Glossary and Key Terms provide a list of relevant framework terminology.


Our FAQ’s provide applicants with answers to frequently asked questions about the Framework and addressing the 7 categories.