Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard

BESS saves time and effort for both planners and the development community. CASBE enables the ongoing development of the BESS tool to ensure it meets current industry needs and technologies. CASBE membership is the gateway to a BESS subscription.

The Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) is an online sustainability assessment tool purpose built by Victorian councils for the Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP) framework. BESS is owned by the Municipal Association of Victoria and was developed with support by the Victorian Government.

BESS helps building professionals and developers demonstrate how a proposed development addresses sustainable design at the planning permit stage.

The BESS tool covers key elements that form good liveability and design practice. It supports councils with developing a productive, sustainable and resilient community.

Developers may use any tool of their choice to complete an ESD assessment for a planning permit application, however it is recommended that all new applications use BESS.


Please view the BESS Prospectus here or contact CASBE to inquire about a subscription to the Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard casbe@mav.asn.au


Photo: Heller Street Park & Residences. Architect: Six Degrees Architects. Photography: Patrick Rodriguez.

Other photos: CASBE