State & local planning policy

We believe sustainable built environments can be supported and strengthened by effective planning policy.

Weaving sustainable built environment targets through a number of policy areas provides better support for planners in negotiating sustainability outcomes with applicants. This can be achieved through:

  • State planning policy frameworks
  • Local policy planning frameworks – ESD Policy
  • Geographic policies
  • Municipal strategic statements
  • Councils’ strategic plans

Victorian State Planning Policy

CASBE advocates for Victorian Government policy changes that focus on improving the sustainability assessment process for developments.

Local planning policy framework – Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) Planning Policy

In 2009, a number of Victorian councils coordinated their efforts to introduce a consistent Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) policy into their planning schemes. Six councils – Banyule, Moreland, Port Phillip, Stonnington, Whitehorse and Yarra – successfully had an ESD Local Planning Policy gazetted in November 2015. A joint Planning Panel and Advisory Committee was established for this amendment.

Other councils have since pursued a similar approach with numerous policies now gazetted.

The local ESD policies represent significant planning policy reform and are already having positive outcomes. Permit applications are being received demonstrating significantly improved sustainability outcomes in daylight and natural ventilation, stormwater management and energy efficiency.

You can find a summary of the triggers in the ESD Local Policies here.

Planning Policy Framework (PPF) Translations

The State Government has led a process of Victorian planning system reform through the (PPF) Translation process.   

The PPF: 

  • Introduces a new framework which integrates state, regional and local planning policy 
  • Replaces the State Planning Policy Framework, the Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF) and Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) with the PPF, in conjunction with the Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) in each planning scheme.  
  • Merges all policy content in planning schemes into a single policy source. 

This program has been underway for a number of years, and the State Government have been progressively working with councils to prepare and implement these translations and are generally policy neutral. 

Please see the Department of Transport and Planning Website for the Planning scheme translation status of Victorian Councils. 

How does this relate to Council ESD policies? 

  • CASBE councils who have completed the PPF Translation process will reference ESD Policies at Clause 15.01-2 of planning schemes. 
  • CASBE councils who have not completed the PPF Translation process will reference ESD Policies at Clause 22 of planning schemes.

Local ESD Policies

Banyule – 15.01-2L.02 (Originally gazetted 19 November 2015)

Brimbank – 22.02 (Originally gazetted 18 October 2018)

Darebin – 22.12 (Original gazetted 31 August 2017)

Frankston – 15.01-2L-01 (Originally gazetted 26 May 2022)

Glen Eira – 15.01-2L-01 (Gazetted 20 April 2023)

Greater Bendigo 15.01-2L (Originally gazetted 18 October 2018)

Greater Dandenong – 22.06 (Originally gazetted 18 October 2018)

Greater Geelong – 15.01-2L (Originally gazetted 17 October 2019)

Hepburn – 15.01-2L (Originally gazetted 10 February 2022)

Hobsons Bay – 15.01-2L-04 (Originally gazetted 18 October 2018)

Hume – 22.21 (Originally gazetted 11 November 2021)

Kingston- 15.01-2L (Originally gazetted 18 October 2018)

Knox – 22.04 (Originally gazetted 14 December 2017)

Manningham – 15.01.-2L-01 (Originally gazetted 31 August 2017)

Maroondah – 22.15 (Originally gazetted 7 April 2022)

Merri-bek – 15.01-2L-05 (Originally gazetted 19 November 2015)

Monash – 22.13 (Originally gazetted 29 September 2016)

Moonee Valley – 15.01-2L-02 (Originally gazetted 19 June 2020)

Mornington Peninsula 15.01-2L (Originally gazetted  24 August 2023)

Port Phillip – 15.01-2L-02 (Originally gazetted 19 November 2015)

Stonnington – 15.02-1L-02 (Originally gazetted 19 November 2015)

Whitehorse – 22.10 (Originally gazetted 19 November 2015)

Whittlesea – 15.01-2L (Originally gazetted 18 October 2018)

Wyndham – 15.01-2L-01 (Originally gazetted 18 October 2018)

Yarra – 22.17 (Originally gazetted 19 November 2015)

Yarra Ranges – 15.01-2L (originally gazetted 2 December 2022)

Other local policies with ESD requirements

Maribyrnong Clause 21.06 (Originally gazetted 15 September 2011)

Melbourne – 15.01-2L-01 (Originally gazetted 4 April 2013)

Mildura Clause 22.03 (Originally gazetted 17 November 2016)

Water Sensitive Urban Design Policies

Some councils also have Water Sensitive Urban Design Policies:

Bayside – 19.03-3L-02 (Originally gazetted 25 September 2014)

Kingston – 19.03-3L-02 (Originally gazetted 31 October 2019)

Melbourne – 19.03-3L (Originally gazetted 29 January 2015)

Moonee Valley – 19.03-3L (Originally gazetted 13 March 2014)

Port Phillip – 19.03-3L (Originally gazetted 13 March 2014)

Stonnington – 19.03-3L-02 (Originally gazetted 13 March 2014)

Yarra – 22.16 (Originally gazetted 13 March 2014)