At CASBE, we want all local governments to be champions of ESD, and the industry and community to feel empowered to change their approach to sustainability for the better. We’re committed making this happen.

Our Vision

Metro cities, regional cities and towns are sustainable, thriving, and operate in harmony with social and ecological systems.

Our Purpose

We collaborate, lead and advocate for positive change to the built environment to support sustainable and thriving communities.

Our Values


We are proactively collaborative and supportive.


We are leaders who empower ourselves and others by sharing knowledge.


We creatively develop impactful policy and practical sustainable design solutions.

CASBE's 2024-2026 Strategic Goals

Lead, Create and Elevate

Develop and scale up innovative projects, policy and processes.

Advocate and Influence

Influence policy and regulatory settings through strong, positive and evidence-based advocacy.

Partner and Connect

Establish effective and productive partnerships across government, private and non-profit sectors.


Work together to improve compliance and demonstrate benefits.

Educate and Build Capacity

Amplify collective knowledge to empower councils and industry to deliver meaningful and positive change.

Photos from top:

The General, Northcote. Developer: Cedar Group. Architect: C. Kairouz Architects. Photography: Stab Studios (Digital Renders).

Bendigo Hospital, Bendigo. Architect: Silver Thomas Handley (architect) and Bates Smart (interior designer).  Photographer: City of Greater Bendigo