January 19, 2023

Sustainable Subdivisions Framework moves to Phase 2 of trial

The Sustainable Subdivisions Framework (SSF) is a framework designed by Victorian councils to ensure sustainability is embedded at the subdivision scale, recognising the role of sustainability in the making of new communities.  

Wrap of 24-month trial  

Phase 1 of the SSF trial has officially concluded, and we would like to congratulate councils on their involvement. Data collection is underway to inform the completion of the final evaluation report for the 24-month trial. 

ESD Shared Services officers  

Fifteen regional councils have been successful in securing funding through the Regional Planning Hub to engage two shared services ESD officers to support councils with SSF assessments.  

  • The Goulburn Murray Climate Alliance (GMCA) has appointed Simon Blackwell to support 8 GMCA councils.  
  • Greater Bendigo on behalf of a group of 7 SSF councils, have appointed Simon Francis to support these councils implement the SSF.  

 A third shared services ESD officer has been funded by the VPA for three metropolitan growth area councils. 

Phase 2 of the SSF trial 

A second phase of the SSF trial commenced in November 2022. Twenty-one councils have confirmed participation in Phase 2 of the trial.