September 3, 2020

Sustainable Subdivision Framework officially launched!

More than 300 people tuned in to see the official launch of the Sustainable Subdivisions Framework on 2 September 2020. This exciting moment marks the start of an 18 month trial. You can view the launch webinar here.

The Framework has been developed to allow regional and growth area councils to take a leading role in establishing evidence-based targets and sustainability performance measures for the design and development of our future communities.

Sustainable subdivisions are carefully planned to improve quality of life, protect and use resources efficiently, and improve the health of the environment and people.

The voluntary trial involves participating councils across the state working collaboratively with their development industry to assess subdivision applications against the Framework to deliver long lasting sustainable community developments.

Councils will work with the development industry members participating in the trial to gain detailed feedback on the application of the Framework. The aim is to highlight potential improvements to its function and content, while at the same time communicating the benefits to the community.

This project was part funded by the Victorian Government’s Collaborative Council Sustainability Fund Partnership Program.