September 2, 2019

CASBE celebrates 10 year anniversary

Established by a grassroots councils movement in 2009, CASBE has grown to 30+ members and has become a strong influencer in the sustainability planning space.

In 2019 we celebrate 10 years of formal CASBE activity. Our Impacts Poster captures the range of influence and activity we have undertaken over the years.


CASBE is self funded through memberships and BESS subscriptions. Our secretariat support has grown from 0 ETF, when secretariat support was provided on a volunteer basis by participating councils, to 2FTE staff positions auspiced by the MAV. Still a lean operation, but able to achieve significant outreach activities.

The stakeholder outreach data reflects the work undertaken by the CASBE secretariat on behalf of member councils. Actual outreach, including member council activity is much greater.



Membership grown from 7 to 31

73% (58 of 79) of Victorian Councils have engaged with CASBE

21 policies addressing ESD

Grown from 4 to 24 Councils implementing Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process framework



Upgrades to  V1.6

9000+ BESS reports

298 people trained in BESS

From 0 to 24 Council subscribers



18 council briefings

25 industry presentations

38 Submissions

79 stakeholder meetings


Download PDF of CASBE’s 10 year Impact Poster