July 10, 2023

BESS-8 (v1.8.0) goes live

While the transitional arrangements for the NCC2022 energy efficiency provisions have again been extended, CASBE are pleased to provide an early release version of BESS that aligns with these provisions.

During the transition period, two versions of BESS are available for new projects.

  • BESS-7 is aligned with NCC2019 (unchanged since Nov 2022 release)
  • BESS-8 is the early release aligned with NCC2022.

BESS-8 includes a broad range of changes in the Energy category, including NatHERs requirements but also reference case updates and energy credit scoring changes.

Further information about what is included in the BESS-8 release are available on the BESS website.

screenshot of the BESS tool showing option to create project in BESS-7 or BESS-8.