December 9, 2021

Precinct Structure Planning Guidelines launched

Our ever-growing demand for adaptable and resilient communities has come under the spotlight within the context of the global pandemic. Now more than ever, we need well planned urban growth that delivers liveable places with green places for recreation.

 The purpose of the Precinct Structure Planning Guidelines: New Communities in Victoria is to provide a framework for preparing Precinct Structure Plan (PSPs) within the overarching goal of the 20-minute neighbourhood. The provision of a Compact PSP Template provides guidance on place specific objectives.

Significant changes include a commitment to better engagement with Traditional Owners and the introduction of a pilot Innovation pathway. The Innovation Pathway promotes elevated outcomes and incentivises sustainability investment including sustainable transport, retaining tree canopies in greenfield developments and improved Integrated Water Management (IWM) outcomes.

A suite of guidance material has been prepared to enable facilitation of robust implementation outcomes. These notably include CASBE’s project Sustainable Subdivisions Framework, partnered by the VPA and now trialled by 31 councils, that enables assessment of sustainability measures within subdivision developments.