November 23, 2022

Councils' climate change report wins PIA Award for Planning Excellence in Climate Change & Resilience

Congratulations to Hansen Partnership for their recent PIA Award for Planning Excellence in Climate Change & Resilience for the “Ensuring Victoria’s Planning system effectively tackles climate change” project.  

This project was commissioned by Victoria’s Greenhouse Alliances and CASBE in 2021 in recognition of the disconnect between high-level policy positions by state and local government on climate change, and the day-to-day decisions being made. 

The report Climate Change & Planning in Victoria; 

  • Undertook stakeholder consultation, and prepared an independent report on the key issues, barriers and options for change 
  • Recognised the planning system provides a key opportunity for councils to directly tackle climate change in communities 
  • Recognised that planning is a tool to restore a safe climate and create resilient communities 
  • Included comprehensive recommendations for changes to the planning system 

A big congratulations to all our changemakers in action who have supported and contributed to this important and ground-breaking research.