August 7, 2023

CASBE supports move to all-electric homes

The State Government’s announcement that all new Victorian homes will be all-electric from 1 January 2024 aligns with the Elevating ESD Targets planning scheme amendment lodged by twenty-four councils last July 

All-electric new homes from 2024 is a significant step toward zero carbon development, a key objective of the Elevating ESD Targets Planning Scheme amendment.  

CASBE’s data shows the percentage of development applications choosing to design all-electric is growing year on year. CASBE member Councils have positive conversations every day with development applicants about the benefits of all-electric development and renewable energy. 

Councils are also rapidly electrifying their own buildings, including aquatic centres, community facilities and administration buildings, realising the benefits themselves and providing practical case studies for change.   

We call on Minister Kilkenny to build on this positive announcement and progress the Elevating ESD Targets amendment so that we can deliver more sustainable and resilient buildings for the Victorian community.